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You make me laugh. The twinkle in your eye, the twitch of your lips, the quiver of your shoulders as you try to keep a straight face. You make me laugh. When I am sad, or overwhelmed, or tired from a long day pressing down on my back, you smile, make a joke, tickle me in that certain place no one else can find. It is love. I make you laugh. After a hard day’s work, dragging from exhaustion, head down, feet heavy, I lighten your mind. I have that silly face, a quick witty quip, a secret joke that you cannot crab at. I make you laugh. When taxes are due, bills barely paid, dishes piled high, we giggle at the ridiculousness of life’s little whims. You make me laugh. I make you laugh. Together, we make a home merry, cheery, silly and full of love, till death we do part. Then heaven will have to make room for our laughing, devilish, amused angels. And our suitcase overflowing with awful, groan worthy, hellish puns.


Day 21 of National Poetry Month  –  a Prose Poem

Words and Image by Cicely Robin Laing © 2017


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